Friday, January 7, 2011

Life is simple, it's just not easy.


Hai3. Long time not write in this lovely blog. I just have a some problem that I'm still cant solve it until now. I was decided to let it fly away from my mind. Life's not always fair. Sometimes you at the top and sometimes you at the bottom. Life is simple but its just not easy. I decided to write entry about life today.

Patience is one action to let you survive in this challenges life. One moment of patience can change your whole life to become more peaceful life. If you be an anger person you are also be a danger person. So, if you decide to be anger you are seems like you lose sixty seconds of happiness. Make it easy, life is to short when you be an anger person more than patience. Happiness is an important thing in our life. Dont let it go from your life.

Smile is also the way you can get a simple life. Smile like nothing to worry. Please do smile more than yesterday and the most smilest one when you look at the mirror. Do not spoilt your day just because of human behave.

Positive thinking is the best way to survive our life. Set your mind all about positive think. Dont spoilt your mind with a negative thinking. It seems like you destroy your own life by yourself.

I think thats all about this entry. Salam. Have an enjoyable life ~

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