Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Silent or Talkative is much better ?


Assalamualaikum and very de blind morningg ! :) tettt !~

How are you boys and girls ? I hope u all have an enjoyable life.

Oke. before I go to the 'merapu2' topic. We go straight to the title of dis entry lahh.

Silent or being talkative. Which is much better ?

For me,
talkative is the best thing than being silent without satisfaction.

But my friend said
silent is the best thing than being talkative without anything.

Another opinion ,
it will depend to the situation. how u wanna to solve it,by faced it or leave it :)

For conclusion, I think we must know when we c
an be silent and when we must to be talkative person.

So, what your opinion guyss ? I think all p
eople have a differents perspective.



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