Saturday, December 18, 2010

Naqib & Prem become a singer @ 8tv quickie

Assalamualaikum u all ! :D

Who watch 8tv Quickie ? Please say "yeah" . haha ! Who didn't know about 8tv Quickie , The 8tv Quickie is a 15-minute show on 8tv. Each segment will take one lucky caller and in order to win the prizes, the caller will have to answer one simple question or fulfill the host’s request in relation to the content of the show. It shows everynight at 11.30p.m , except for Sundays at 12.oo midnight. The prizes vary everyday but usually movie passes and music album is given on everyday basis. Prem, Naqib, Zher , Megan & Julie Woon are the host. So. check it out !

Naqib & Prem become a singer ? haha ! nope la. They just sing together at 8tv , Naqib was play a guitar and Prem sing on the same time. I think they shud be sing everytime when both of them on air. So nice lorh ! See tonton and search The 8tv Quickie 2010 - Episode 333 . U can see Naqib & Prem become a singer.


ken said...

8tv quickie is always fun! :D

rukhi said...

@ken : i agree wif u ! :D